Pressure can sometimes motivate you but often times it can break you.

I feel pressured. About loads of things.

I think my head is floating. Empty but full at the same time.


First week of work: Check!

I’m very happy to announce that IT’S OFFICIALLY THE WEEKEND!!! Oh God, I now finally understand the excitement employed people feel when it’s already Friday! Anyway, I’m also officially done with my first week at work!!! (Sorry for the excessive use of exclamation points lol) I’ve have mixed emotions about my first week at work.

  1. I felt homesick. 
  2. I missed my family. 
  3. I missed the comfort of home. 
  4. I missed my mom’s cooking. 
  5. I really miss reading books and watching movies and t.v. series. 
  6. I felt really “adult” doing mature stuff. 
  7. I felt happy because I’m finally employed.
  8. I felt good that I’m continuously learning things and am able to apply to my job everything that I’ve learned from the past.
  9.  I felt excited for the days to come and the challenges along with it.
  10.  I felt ecstatic about the future.

Every day, upon getting home, I go straight to bed because I’m tired as heck! Then I wake up early to go to work. A routine. I’ve started getting a hang of a routine ever since I started working. It’s not bad, really. I still got to do diverse things every day. Things that will help me grow. Things that will teach me lessons. Things that will test my patience and abilities.

Anyway, I promise that I will savor every minute and every hour of this weekend. (If only time slowed down on weekends! Ugh)

Note To Self #3

If you’re brain is bothered by questions, ASK. Never hesitate to ask questions. Would it make you look dumb? Not always. It depends on the questions you’ll ask. But wouldn’t it be worse if you didn’t ask the question then just proceeded with your task and it turned out to be a total failure? Ask questions.

First Day At Work!

Guess who’s currently off the list of the “Unemployed”?? Me! I’m currently working in a small Marketing firm and it was my first day today! Of course there was the first day jitters which quickly faded as I started settling in. As a new employee of the company, the Marketing team basically introduced us to their craft and everything that encompasses our job description and gave me tasks to do for the day. The work is not entirely hard but there is always just a lot of stuff to do. Being a multi-tasker that I am, so far, I could say that I’ll survive this fast-paced environment and hopefully really enjoy the job. 🙂