Note to Self #4

Just because you are surrounded by young successful people already: running businesses, earning lots of money, travelling a lot, and those who have their passion and goals mapped out, DO NOT WORRY.

You’re young. You still have a lot of challenges to face and loads of things to learn. You need not to hurry. You need not to rush into things and decisions. Rushing will only make you miserable. Take things slow. One step at a time. Savor every experience. Learn on your mistakes.

Lastly, here are some things you should always bear in mind: Breathe. Plan. Write. Do. If in doubt, stop. 


Note To Self #3

If you’re brain is bothered by questions, ASK. Never hesitate to ask questions. Would it make you look dumb? Not always. It depends on the questions you’ll ask. But wouldn’t it be worse if you didn’t ask the question then just proceeded with your task and it turned out to be a total failure? Ask questions.

Note To Self #2

You can always find peace in the quiet. There are things that are best kept inside you to avoid wreckage or further destruction. There are things that are best left in the oblivion of things unsaid or should’ve said.

Note To Self #1

Just because you can’t find a job after 3 months of tiring job applications, it doesn’t mean that something’s wrong with you. It doesn’t mean that you’re not good enough for anything at all. It’s just really hard nowadays. You gotta stay strong, girl!