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What I love about Naveed Khan’s poems is that even though they’re easy to read, the poems still capture the complexity of one’s affinity with someone they feel for dearly. I wish I’ll finally escape this reading and writing slump I’m currently in.

“When I turn fifty, I will still love you the same way I do at twenty-one. I will still find you beautiful. I will still try to impress you, and I will still hold your hand. When I come home from work, I won’t forget to wrap my arms around your waist and kiss you and ask you about your day. I will wait until you finish your meals, I won’t let you sit alone. I’ll miss you even when you make a trip down to the corner store for milk and eggs and the occasional chocolate bar. When I’m fifty, I might in fact love you more than I do now at twenty-one. In fact, I might have to worry because my jokes may get worse and less humorous as the years pass. I might not have that much hair when I’m fifty. I might become a handful. I might suddenly start to forget things I would usually never forget. But I will have never forgotten what you mean to me. And I will still love you. 

I just hope you love me when I’m fifty.”

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